A Face A Mother Could Love

Posted 08/07/2012 by FunnyFood


Did you ever notice that bananas have faces?

Bill uses bananas a lot when he makes Funny Food breakfasts for us. He also makes wacky, artistic banana snacks that are delicious and nutritious.

Bananas are very healthy, delicious, provide an easy energy boost, and are great additions to so many meals. Most kids like bananas and find them fun and easy to cut for their creative breakfasts.

Bananas are the most popular fruit in the US.  They are the favorite fruit of athletes because they are good source of Potassium and Carbohydrates- both important for a great workout. The Potassium helps the muscles and the carbs give the athletes the energy they need for a great workout.

Bananas are recommended to prevent muscle cramps.

In addition to giving us energy bananas are a good source of dietary fiber, Manganese, Vitamin C and B6.

Bananas are very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. Because they are high in Potassium and low in salt, bananas are good for fighting high blood pressure.

I carry a banana for a quick snack or buy one in a grocery store for a quick, healthy, and satisfying energy boost. And, I don’t have to worry about washing it. In Manhattan they are sold on almost every street corner.

Because bananas are a high calorie fruit I used to eat only a half a banana. Being a Weight Watcher I didn’t want to use up too many of my daily points on one fruit.

The day Weight Watchers announced the new point system and that bananas, like every other fruit, now has a 0 point value, I thought my Weight Watchers class was going to go crazy.  The excitement was palpable. I’m sure the sale of bananas has gone up in every city and country that has a Weight Watchers meeting.

One of my brothers survived on bananas throughout his youth. He was a very picky eater and would eat a bunch of bananas every day for lunch.

When buying bananas choose ones that are firm and free of bruises. It’s a good idea to buy them when the tops are still a little green. When they have yellow peel with speckled dots they are ripe and ready to eat. Sometimes they ripen too quickly.

What to do with too many ripe bananas?

I peel them, cut them in half, wrap each half in aluminum foil and put them in a plastic bag in the freezer. They make great treats. Ripe bananas can be stored in the refrigerator. The peel doesn’t look appealing, but the fruit is still good. If you bake, you can make banana bread. I use them in making pancakes.

They are a great snack or an addition to a meal.

There are different varieties of bananas- the popular Cavendish that most people eat, and there are also small finger bananas, red bananas and plantains that are used for cooking. Bananas also come in dried chips. Bananas grow in tropical areas of the world. I remember the first time I saw bananas growing. It was in Puerto Rico. I was amazed to see them hanging in a bunch-and their giant leaves were exotic.

No matter how you eat them- bananas are a good call.

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