Funny Food Made Easy

Who doesn’t like to play with food? Funny Food Made Easy — a sequel to Funny Food, “A Best Children’s Book of 2012” – is a how-to book that makes it easy and fun for children and families to make their own creative and healthy breakfasts, snacks, and lunches. There are over 150 works of plate art, plus easy-to-follow step-by-step illustrations, ingredient lists, and tips about how to use everyday foods to create incredible food art. And when kids make it, they eat it.

These are not your mother’s smiley-face sandwiches. On Wurtzel’s plate-turned-canvas, apples morph into cars, bananas into giraffes, yogurt into elephants, and scrambled eggs into birds. His portraits seem to grow out of almost anything—Cheerios and bananas; smoked salmon and bagels; oatmeal, and blueberries.

The book is also filled with tips on nutrition, encouraging children and parents to make good choices and build healthy eating habits. You’ll learn how to do your own workshop for school children. For adults, Claire and Bill explain the importance of play.

Funny Food was selected as a Best Children’s Book of 2012
by the Bank Street College Book Committee.

Funny Food Book

They’re easy. They’re silly. They’re healthy. They’re clever. They’re artistic. They’re delicious. They’re fun. They’re a great way to start the day. One breakfast at a time, Bill Wurtzel is determined to make you laugh and eat and play and laugh some more. Riffing over the years with oatmeal, eggs, apples, and nuts.

Adults and children will giggle through breakfast. Teachers and students can laugh some more making snacks or desserts after lunch. This is a book filled with nothing but engaging spontaneity and simplicity that makes you say, “I can do that.” And, you can…the consequences are yummy. Really, who doesn’t like to play with food? Bill Wurtzel, a jazz guitarist, has been making these plates for his wife, Claire, for as many years as they’ve been married. Now he is turning a hobby into an art form with a social message. His goal is to discourage obesity by inspiring children—and adults—to improve their eating habits by creating meals that are not only nutritious, but also fun. It’s your turn…

These are not your mother’s smiley-face sandwiches. In Bill’s world, carrots turn into airplanes; boiled eggs into jugglers, and pears into guitar players. As gracefully as Picasso’s ceramic plates found endless form so do Wurtzel’s portraits which seem to grow out of almost anything—cheerios and bananas; lox and bagels; oatmeal, blueberries, and strawberries. Sometimes you think he is portrait artist and you could swear you just saw Sigmund Freud emerging from a pear or Shakespeare growing out of an apple. Sometimes the plates are just plain fanciful. “Your breakfasts don’t have to look like they’ll hang in the Louvre,” he says. “It’s the gesture that counts.” But it sure looks like he riffed on Matisse’s paper cutout dancers with a papaya.


“With the help of this book parents can get their kids excited about making and eating breakfast with ingredients that are probably already in their kitchen.” — PBS Parents

“Breakfast isn’t usually heralded as a prime romantic moment, but with a little ingenuity, New York City jazz musician Bill Wurtzel and his wife, teacher Claire Wurtzel, made it just that.”— Reader’s Digest

“Just too awesome. It’s exactly what the title suggests: a book that’s overflowing with fruit, pancakes, and eggs, all carved up in clever ways that look almost too good to eat.” — Glamour Magazine

“For me, the stuff is just great art.” — The Village Voice

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